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YouTube Bench Therapy

My favorite aspect of Amateur Radio is building equipment from antennas to radios and accessories. I also like to repair electronics when possible. I thought a live stream showcasing building & repairing electronics projects was needed in the Amateur Radio community. There are plenty of Youtube videos demonstrating just about all aspects of Amateur Radio. Many of these videos are very professionally done but some leave out what I think is an important part of the building process – what to do when things don’t work.

Bench Therapy is something I’d tell my wife when I had a stressful day and needed some “me” time. KA6WKE Live Stream although technically correct wasn’t very memorable and I’m sure many hams or makers love to hack on hardware to relax. During these live streams we’ll  discusses tools, test equipment, software, troubleshooting and building stuff. None of the videos will be post edited. A very important aspect of building electronics is identifying why a project isn’t working then troubleshooting to get it working. It could be anything from a bad part to letting smoke out of a project during testing! Anyway, enough of all that, where can you watch? YouTube of course!​

There are multiple ways for video announcements – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and via an announcement only email group and Youtube.