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MFJ-1026 Noise Canceler

How to use the MFJ-1026 Noise Canceler

W6LVP RX Loop compared to Full Size Antenna

W6LVP RX Loop compared to Full Size Antenna

RFI and what to do about it!

This session is all about Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) discussing techniques to greatly reduce or eliminate it. I’ll go over grounding, filtering, antennas, noise cancelers and radio features to make your radio time enjoyable again. Note: I was made aware that the prerecorded demo clips didn’t have any audio during the live stream. The links… Read more »

How to use RF Gain Control

ASUS R510C LCD Replacement

Fix it Friday but on Saturday! Broke my laptop screen on a business trip, quick video on how to replace it. Laptop is an ASUS R510C.